Questions on life, and the new AAP guidelines

Questions on life, and the new AAP guidelines

Today’s episode breaks down the concept called Living your Questions -- the idea that questions -- not answers -- are the maps we need to find real wellness. We’ll also take a closer look at the discussion around the recent AAP guidelines for the treatment of “o*esity” in kids. 

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Experts mentioned in today’s episode:

Virginia Sole-Smith:

Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith
The Human Cost of Anti-Fat Bias
Last Thursday, the New York Times ran my essay on the new American Academy of Pediatrics guidance about ob*sity. This is a story I started working on my first day back in the office after winter break, because as soon as I saw the report, I knew: We need to have a giant conversation about the disconnect between how th…
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Ragen Chastain:

Weight and Healthcare
Testing The Claim That Pediatric Weight Management Interventions Decrease Eating Disorders
This is the Weight and Healthcare newsletter! If you like what you are reading, please consider subscribing and/or sharing! I think that one of the more dangerous and disingenuous parts of the new American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines is their claims about eating disorders. These are claims that I am hearing echoed in other spaces as well, so I wante…
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Krista Tippett:

Poetry Unbound
Love in a time of winter
Dear friends, Hallo and happy new year to you. I hope that your 2023 is starting off kindly, with what’s most important and needed for you. When we ended 2022 it was with soup — and I barked with laughter at some of your comments in reply to the recipe. Someone said…
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Aubrey Gordon:

A post shared by Aubrey Gordon (@yrfatfriend)

Alexis Conason:

#38 Mental health is "a contrario"
Morning morning. I write this to you from Fresno, California, where I’m celebrating the holidays early so I can go away for seven days over my chosen holiday (Christmas) to a silent meditation retrea…
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