2023 Reading List 📖

FTC Guidance on Marketing Kid-Related Products

FTC Food Marketing & Kids

FTC, THC Edibles & Kids

FTC Health Products Compliance Guidance

FTC Health Guidance - What's New & What’s Not

Report: Children’s wellness segment maintains healthy growth

First Day Vitamins Permanently Discontinue Ad Claims Following NAD Challenge

The Future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market

Kid's Own Concern About Their Wellness Grows

Why Capitalism Needs Sick People

Prescribing Play

New Wellness Movement for Kids Has Gained Importance

New Books: The Problem with Parenting: How Raising Children Is Changing Across America, The Wellness Trap and How to Just Eat It

Finish: Gospel of Wellness and Fat Talk

Substacks I’m reading weekly:

Well To Do
Kids' wellness takes a turn into questionable territory
Cheryl wasn’t too happy about a proposed wellness elective course at her daughter’s high school. She was surprised to discover that the 10th-grade wellness course was only available to girls. In it, students would learn yoga, nutrition, Pilates, and sedentary spa activities that required many “sparkly” personal care products. “It might as well have been…
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Techno Sapiens
How parenting has changed
Welcome to Techno Sapiens! Subscribe to join 10,000+ other readers and get research-backed tips for living and parenting in the digital age. 5 min read We all like to think we know our parents well, that we have a pretty firm grasp on who they are, how they parented us, the kinds of things they would or wouldn’t do…
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Weight and Healthcare
Weight Loss Surgery and Kids Part 1
This is the Weight and Healthcare newsletter! If you like what you are reading, please consider subscribing and/or sharing! This series is part of the work I did with Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics (WIND) to create a comprehensive response to the…
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Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith
The Burnt Toast Guide to Kids & Anti-Fat Bias
ICYMI, BT Guides are a new recurring series where I dig into your most frequently asked questions. Here’s the first one, on weight and health. Today we’re going to get into how we have these conversations with kids. Those moments when your 4-year-old calls someone fat in the grocery store, or your 11-year-old asks if he’s too fat are so hard and awkward…
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Can I Have Another Snack?
The Kids Standing in Clean Eating’s Long Shadow
Jenny Mollen is a Cool Mom™. The Dictator Lunches author rocks effortless beachy waves, makes frequent dick jokes, and unlike the new wave of ~gentle parents~ isn’t afraid to lie to her kids about hiding veggies in their muffins. Her whole shtick is that you can make your kids lunchboxes super healthy and something they actually want to eat. …
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Rethinking Wellness with Christy Harrison
Thursday (Re)think: How Do You Avoid Wellness Rabbit Holes?
Lately I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about why we fall for online wellness misinformation, and how to avoid getting hooked by it. In this week’s podcast episode, author/journalist Rennie Dyball and I shared how we still occasionally get pulled in by promises of wellness, even despite being vocal critics of diet and wellness culture. We’re up against such powerful forces—social media algorithms, the multi-trillion-dollar wellness industry, cultural conditioning that goes back generations—that it would probably be impossible to resist every single trend that claims to offer the key to key to symptom relief and better health. We’re all vulnerable at some level. Yet we can try our best to get out quickly when we do stumble into a wellness trap. I loved this quote from Rennie…
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The Unpublishable
'There's no ethical way to sell products that target signs of aging'
Here’s a beauty industry blind item for you: Which celebrity’s team booked me as a guest on the celebrity’s forthcoming podcast without mentioning said celebrity was set to launch a skincare line soon — thus duping me into sort of endorsing a celebrity beauty brand despite my…
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